How to sell your online course?

How to sell your online course?

Gold demo to understand how to Sell your online course

Ever since l created this super thorough guide on how to create an online course to make money online, people have gone really nuts. The response is huge & most of them are asking, “I’ve created my  online course as per your guide but how do I sell it?” Well, the wait is finally over as I’m about to hand over my magic formula on ‘how to sell your online course’.

So, this is the most crucial point of your online course journey.

You’ve done all the hard work, created everything, polished everything, now it’s your time to rise & shine.

But it’s not that easy as it looks.

Do you want to know what’s so difficult in it?

Ever heard the story of hidden treasure islands, where pirates used to hide their gold, jewelry & precious ornaments.

It’s believed that these treasures carry tons of cash, mountains of diamonds & other priceless stones.

Gold demo to understand how to Sell your online course

It’s so much cash that you can buy whole Manhattan city with it or own a group of personal islands in Caribbean, USA.

And you’ll be glad to know that these hidden treasures are still in existence.

But you know what’s the funny part?

It’s that everybody wants it but no one is able to find its exact location.

And why is it so?

It’s because they don’t have a map.

Yup, they just have an idea about the treasure but they don’t know its exact location, which they can only get from a map.

Well, you’ve got a similar situation with your online course.

It exists but no one knows about it.

See, students are searching for a valuable online course (just like your’s) but they aren’t able to locate it.It’s because they don’t know where to find it & how to find it?

And it’s your responsibility to tell them. After all, you’re the one who’ll make money.

So,in order to sell your online course you’ve to take some measures.

There are various ways to sell it & you’ll be surprised to know that you can sell your online course even before writing a single line.

That’s right & it’s called ‘Preselling’..

So, let’s see what are the different methods to presell an online course & how you can do it?

How to sell your online course before you write a single word

First of all, you’ve to have a clear idea of your total number of subscribers & your revenue goals, it’ll help you while deciding how to price your online course.

Always remember the magic formula for revenue calculation: [(Total outreach)*0.02]*product price.

Now, let’s see different methods to pre-sell your online course.

1. Webinar series:

Webinar series is a popular method to do a presell.

In this method, you’ve to reach out to your audience or communiy & pitch your big idea in order to sell your online course.

Believe it or not, but remember,

If they like your idea, instantly they’ll put money on the table.

There are various ways to find a community, you can reach out to them through FB groups, Reddit or any other community website. Once you’re there, you can share valuable content with a call-to-action button to sign up for your webinars.

From there on, its a step by step process:

Step by step process:

First of all, create a landing page.

Here people will come to see what is your product, your special offer etc, don’t forget to put a dedicated CTA button for opt-in.

Once they opt-in, you can send your personalized webinar sequence.

  • 1-2 emails for educating them & watching the webinar.
  • 2-4 emails about the topics you’ll be covering.
  • If they don’t watch, send 1-2 reminders.
  • After watching the webinar, 4-6 emails to excite & convince them to make a purchase.
  • In the last few emails, use urgency factor to speed things up.

You can use this method 2-3 months before you start to sell your course. And somehow if you’re not able to create the course on time, you can always refund the money.

Halley Gray sold her course for 28k on teachable.com, out of which a whopping 20k alone came from the presell via webinar series.

Surprising isn’t it. Have a look.

how to presell your online course

Source: Teachable.com

2. MVP(Minimum Viable Product)

In this modern era of fast & furious life, people are in a real hurry.

They want to go out there as quickly as possible, they want to launch their courses asap, so they start without any strategy. They don’t even structure their course.

And that’s why they end up high & dry. If you are also in similar situation check out how to structure your online course.

If you’re also one of them, don’t worry I’ve got something for you.

In spite of creating a full-fledged course & face a loss, just create an MVP (i.e. Minimum viable product). An MVP is a basic product which fulfills the basic needs of your early customers.

And once you start getting feedback from your early customers, you can look ahead to improve your course further ahead.

This method is tried & tested by many big brands, it’s even used to create television series. (Where they create a trial episode just to test the idea).

So, if you also decide to launch an MVP, then remember this phrase:-

In online course industry, it’ not Ready, Aim, Fire, it’s Ready, Fire then Aim

And if you don’t get a positive response from one group or audience, you can do two things:-

  • Either change the idea.
  • Or try the same idea with few more groups.

3. Feedback sites

 If you like the idea of going for a presell but don’t have your own website for doing all the testing.

Then don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are thousands of entrepreneurs like you.

So, what can you do?

Well, you can do your pre-sell on a specialized platform, there are various websites where people go to search for new products.

Let’s see some of the popular sites:

1.  Product hunt: Product hunt is one of the favorite websites for a prelaunch. It’s trusted by some highly respected brands in the marketing world.

2. Feedback army: Feedback army is a great place to do a pre-launch testing & get valuable feedback from a pro community.

3. Betatesters.io: It’s a place to test all kinds of products before the actual launch takes place. You can give it a try to sell your online course.

There are various other sites like betalist, launchfeed, launchingnext, Product hero, beta family 2.0 etc.

These options will give you an idea about the pros & cons of your course so that you can plan your launch accordingly.

A successful presell will set a launching pad for the actual launch of your elearning course.

But it’s just the first hurdle in your way, there is a lot more to come.

So, what’s next?

Your presale is like the map of the treasure island & luckily you’ve found that map.

It’ll give you the directions & location of the treasure. (i.e. set your course & its launch)

But you’ve to travel a long journey, pass different hurdles before you reach your final destination & taste success.

So, what are those hurdles?

See, there is a big difference between a pre-launch & an actual launch.

A successful launch of an online course involves different strategies & tactics which you need to follow at all costs.

So, let’s see some of the important tactics to sell an online course.

Steps to sell your online course 

In your way to the treasure, you’ll face several problems. Sometimes you’ll lose your way, sometimes you’ll face some obstruction or may be some technical problems.

And you’ve to deal with those problems as per the situation.

Then only you’ll be able to find that treasure.

While trying to sell your online course, one of the simplest things to look for is to find where is your audience is hanging & reach out to them.

So, let’s see how you can reach out to your audience & start with the basic steps involved in selling an online course.

1.  Blogging:

A blog is the most trusted & popular method to promote any product or services online.

All you’ve to do is to create a blog & write some awesome articles on the topic of your online course.

And there is a valid reason to do so.

See, whenever a customer comes to your site, he’s super curious about the author & his knowledge about the subject.

Your blog gives him an idea of what he can expect from you.

Remember your blog will be the most visited page of your site, and that’s where’ll you get the chance to promote your course through pop-ups, top bars etc.

If you’re a new website, then don’t expect early traction to your website.

But you can’t wait, do you?

So, in order to gain momentum, what you can do is to find out other popular blogs in your niche, reach out to them & put on a humble request to guest post on their blogs.

But what is the benefit?

See, whenever you guest post on any site, they usually give a brief introduction & a link back to your site.

And when their readers read your awesome content, they feel excited about you, they want to know more about you. So, they click on your link & get to your site.

In this way, you get more visitors to promote & sell your online course.

2. Social media

Social media is like daily coffee nowadays, we just can’t live without it.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly visitors, Instagram has 800 million & according to the latest report, Twitter also has 1.6 billion monthly users.

All the businesses know it pretty well.

That’s why they are interested in marketing & promotion on social media.

So, let’s see how you can use social media to sell your course.

A.  Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are growing like crazy and they are literally priceless for marketing your online course.

The best part about Facebook groups is that here you’ll find like-minded people like yourself, who are serious about their goals, who are sharing valuable content & most importantly who are interested in listening to what you’ve to say.

They are your prime customers, they always remain in search of something helpful to further grow their business.

You can easily search & join a popular FB group in your niche.

But remember these groups have strict rules, you just can’t promote your course abruptly.

Most of these groups organize a particular event or have certain days when you can promote your products & services.

In the meantime, you must do two things

  • Comment on others posts.
  • Interact with other members.
  • Share value, value & more value.

You can also go ahead to create your own Facebook group, it’s very easy to do.

But you should start working on your group at least 6 months early, cause it takes time to build a decent audience.

If you’re not new to the market then you must also be aware of the LinkedIn groups, they are similar to FB groups except the fact that the quality of leads on LinkedIn is way higher than FB.

B. Youtube:

Youtube is the number 2 search engine after Google, people go there to solve their problems.

You can easily create a blog on YouTube with minimum effort.

All you’ve to do is to open your camera, record a video around the topic of your ecourse & upload it to YouTube.

Once you start to share regular content, you’ll start to get traffic.

Now, what you’ve to do is to provide a link below your videos about your online course, if your subscribers like your content they will definitely like to see your course.

Eventually, some of them will buy it.

Let’s see what else you can do on YouTube:-

  1. Share some teaser videos of your course in order to gain traction to your course.
  2. Collaborate with other popular YouTubers & sell your online course to their audience.
  3. Get interviewed on other YouTube channels.

C. Social media optimization

Social media is a great method to promote your online course as well as getting referrals.

All the big brands are highly active on different social media channels where they can freely promote their brands.

Let’s see how you can promote your brand on social media.

One of the most basic things you can do is to optimize all your social media platforms to sell your online course.

There are various things you can do like:

  • Promote your course in your profile page description.
  • Use your product images in the profile banners.
  • Use a dedicated CTA to send users to your course landing page.
  • Tweet & share regular content on your course topic.
  • Create an FB page about your product & run promotional campaigns.

4. Landing pages

Just like you have different tools to create your online course similarly, landing pages are one of the important tools to sell your online course.

(Quick note: A landing page is a specially designed page to fulfill a specific purpose).

You must create a landing page under all circumstances, it allows you to take your audience right where you want them.

Landing pages are proven to increase the conversion rate of any website but here is a twist.

If you play around & do some A/B testing, you can get stunning results.

According to Wordstream report, using a long landing page can get you 220% more sales compared to a shorter one with above the fold CTA.

Once you create a landing page, there are various things you can try:-

  1. Do as much A/B testing as possible.
  2. Try to use video, videos are proven to increase the conversion rate by 86%.
  3. Use great keywords to rank in online searches.
  4. Introduce a satisfaction guarantee offer to minimize the risk factor.
  5. Place some safe transaction stickers, they are proven to increase the trust.
  6. Add some testimonials & reviews.

Furthermore, you can also look to offer a payment plan for long-term courses.

5. Email list

Building an email list is one of the most trusted methods to launch & sell your online course.

See while launching your course for the first time, not many people will be knowing about you & they might not consider your stuff.

That’s why you need a warm audience who is already interested in your stuff.

And an email list is your best chance to achieve that.

Why does it work?

It’s because an email allows you to build relationship & trust with your audience over time.

When someone subscribes to your email list & reads your valuable stuff on a regular basis, a bond is built & when you finally put forward your sales offer, he is much likely to buy from you.

Do you want to know how powerful is email?

According to a research, emails have a return on investment of approximately 3,800%, that’s correct 3,800%. Some surveys say that this number can go as high as 4300%

So, are you gonna try it?

If yes, here is one special trick you can use with your emails, that is leaving a link to your course at the end of your emails along with your name & bio.

Using email to sell your online course

Source :- Endaksun.com

6. Mini-course

Being a digital entrepreneur, you must be aware of different types of opt-in techniques.

There are various ways to collect emails from your readers & one of the most popular techniques is to give away something free to your readers in exchange for their emails.

You offer something valuable & their hands start typing their emails.

Well, you can use the same method with a mini-course to sell your online course.

Many marketers & course creators are using this technique & making huge sales, all you have to do is to make a mini version of your online course & give it away for free.

And at the end of the course provide a link to your full-fledged premium course, people will love to see more of you.

7. Live Webinars

Webinars are a great deal nowadays, not only for presales but also to sell your online course & they are even more effective when you go live.

See, slowly but surely, people are getting more & more attracted towards live events where everything happens in real time.

But how can you use it?

Well, you can host a live webinar to share some real value, then promote your premium course at the end.

John Michaloudis used the same technique to sell his courses on thinkific & was able to make 20,000$ in just 6 months.

However, this method is really powerful and can get you lots of sales but there will always be some subscribers who’ll register for your webinar but will not be able to attend it.

For such subscribers, you can create a recording of your webinar & send a reminder to attend it.

And here is a bonus tip, you can organize a live interview with an influencer in your webinars to further increase your engagement & sales.

8. Podcast

Nowadays, people are really busy. They don’t have much of a time for everything.

They go from one place to another, meet people, attend different meetings. Their lives are really hectic.

And in such situation podcasts are proving a boon for them.


Because podcasts are user-friendly & are available on the go. Just put on your headphone & go.

You can easily use it to sell your online course. Let’s see how can you use a podcast for selling your elearning course.

There are two most popular methods you can use to sell your ecourse.

1. Start your podcast:

You can start your own podcast & start creating quality content. Once you start getting traffic, you can look ahead to promote your online course.

There are various channels where you can upload your podcast.

Some of the most popular channels are:-

  1. iTunes.
  2. Stitcher.
  3. Google Play.

2.  Get interviewed on a podcast:

Starting a podcast is easy & it won’t take much time either.

You’d agree with me that it’ll take time to build a loyal audience, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave it.

So, what else can you do?

As you continue working on your podcast, you can search for other popular podcasters in your niche & ask them for an interview.

But don’t just ask, give them something in exchange like an affiliate link, free offer for their audience or something like that.

10. Go live on social media

However, YouTube videos are quite popular & they can get you huge traffic.

But they are not the only option, there are some other options you can try.

One of the trending options is to go live on social media.

Almost all social channels are encouraging its users to use live videos. For example, FB offers FB live, Twitter has periscope or you can go live on YouTube as well.

You can start different campaigns on social media with weekly or monthly programs. For example, 30-day challenge is very popular.

Just go live on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, share value & promote your course.

When I created my first online course, I went through the same journey which you are enjoying right now.

Believe me, till now you’ve not passed the halfway mark yet.

You must be saying, “Mohammad, we have done so much, what else is left?”

Yeah, there is a lot more. As we’re inching closer to the treasure island, the waves are getting bigger & the difficulties are never-ending.

But these difficulties will separate the men from the boys.

I’m not a movie buff but still, I recommend here,

Desperate times, desperate measures

You’re desperate to make more sales, right.

See, these were just the basic steps to sell your online course but there is a lot more you can do to sell your online course.

So, let’s have a look at some advanced steps for selling your elearning course.

Advanced strategies to sell your online course

1. Be a HARO

‘HARO’ stands for “Help a reporter out”.

If you’re looking for free media exposure & want big magazines and news agencies like Time or Mashable to cover your story, then HARO is perfect for you.

It’s a site which connects reporters with experts of different niches.

Just open helpareporter.com, click on “I am a source”.

Once you’re subscribed, they’ll send you email queries 3 times a day Monday to Friday on your registered email id.(At 5.35am, 12.35pm & 5.35pm).

These emails will be indexed in different categories.

haro mail to sell your online course

If you think you’re a good source & have a relevant answer to their questions, then just reply your answer along with your bio & a website link.

If they published your answer, expect to see huge traffic coming to your site or your product landing page.

2. Use Quora

Quora is a great place to create awareness about your brand but it’s not like hard sell advertisement.

See, people come to Quora to find solutions to their problems, to find answers to their questions & to learn.

So, it’s really important to give them what they are looking for, then only they’ll follow you & read you consistently.

Quora is all about sharing value & helping people.

Help as much as you can & they will reward you.

Now you must be asking, “Mohammad, how does this help in selling my course?

Hey, your Quora profile consists of your bio as well as your website link, there you can put a link to your landing page.

Plus, if you are providing value to your audience & solving their problems, they won’t mind if you do a little soft sell in your answers as well.

However, other than Quora you can also look ahead to share your story on platforms like Reddit, Medium or slack.

3. Email course

As we already discussed that email has a huge rate of conversion & has an ROI of 44.5$ on every dollar spent.

Hmm…that’s a great investment.

And you can use it to your advantage with an email course.

Here’s how.

Create a free email course from your original course & send it to your subscribers.

Once they opt-in to this course, you can share a link to your full-fledged course landing page.

This way you can promote & sell your online course through emails courses….exciting, isn’t it.

4. Press release:

Media is a great source to send your news out, it gives people an opportunity to read your content & reach out to you.

There are many specialized press release websites where you can easily pitch your online course like PRweb, press release point, pressbox, there are plenty of them.

But how to use this press release?

Just like any other method, you’ve to provide value first.

Create awesome content on a trending topic, then use it to promote your elearning course through a link.

You can get surprising traffic from these huge PR releases.

However, there is a particular method to pitch your press release. I guess you’ll need this.

5. Use online course platforms

The online course industry will be a 325 billion $ market in 2025, that’s why there are various specialized platforms where you can sell your online course.

These platforms are making a huge amount of money. If you don’t have your own website you can join them. One of the major benefits of selling on these platforms is that they have their own marketplace to sell your online course.

That saves you a lot of time & effort.

But here is the twist.

These platforms need maintenance for which they’ll charge you commissions on every sale.

So you won’t earn much by selling your full course there.

But if you create a mini version of your premium course & sell it on these platforms with a link to your premium course, it’ll bring some real serious clients your way.

Not only it’s good for your business growth but it’ll also increase brand awareness.

6. Promotional Infographics

Infographics are a great way to grab people’s attention. A well-designed infographic is way better than a super long 5,000-word article.

It’s a must use, no matter which format you choose to create your online course. It fits in everywhere.

Have a look at this simple infographic on copywriting, it got a great response on social media, especially Twitter.

Best copywriting strategies (infographic)

By Mohammad Khan

Why is it so?

It’s because human brain scans pictures at a faster rate compared to simple text, as fast as 60,000 times faster.

That’s why picture savvy Pinterest is loaded with infographics.

You can easily create an informational infographic related to your course topic & share it on Pinterest with a link back to your site or landing page.

Actually, you can create more than one infographic & run different campaigns on Pinterest to sell your online course.

As more & more people read your awesome infographic, they will come to your site & buy your course, simple.

7.  Run an affiliate program

Even if you decide to follow few of the steps mentioned above, you will have a lot of things to do.

And being a newbie entrepreneur or solopreneur, that’s a whole lot of work.

And you’ll feel like that you need a helping hand.

Well, that’s not a big problem. Things happen.

So, what can you do?

See, that’s where an affiliate program can prove to be really handy. But simply creating affiliate program is not enough.

You’ve to reach out to marketers, influencers, podcasters who belong to your niche & who share common audience as yours.

Tell them how it can benefit their audience & finally, ask them if they would be interested in becoming an affiliate.

The major benefit of this approach is that these people usually have a loyal audience which blindly follows them. So, their promotions can do wonders for you.

Yeah, this might feel a lot of work but believe me, the end results are worth it.

8. Translation

The Internet is really big & the possibilities are endless.

Around the globe, there are more than 3 billion people who use the internet. They belong to different regions & speak different languages.

Just do a little bit of survey & you can easily find a different target country to sell your online course.

All you need to do is to hire a professional translator, get your book translated into the local language of your target country & start promoting it.

You can also do this in the early stages of your journey when you just come up with an idea for your online course but it should be well planned. 

9. Google hangouts

Just like any other live recording or presentation, Google Hangouts is a great option to promote & sell your online course.

But it has one major benefit that gives you an edge in your video search results.

What is it?

See, Google hangouts are hosted on Google plus which is a Google product & most of the online searches are also done on google. And Google gives extra love to the content generated using its apps.

In short, you’ll get the benefit of using a Google app.

10. Publish a book on Amazon

Amazon is the no. 1 e-commerce site in the world with over 37% market share in the market which is likely to increase to up to 50% by 2021. (Statista).

Selling on Amazon will expose you to a wide range of new audience, who are die-hard fans of Amazon. Just imagine.

But as always there is a twist.

Amazon is a really crowded place with random customers, plus you won’t be able to get the desired price for your ecourse.

Instead what you can do is to create an ebook from your course & sell it on Amazon.

And provide a link at the end of your book to promote & sell your online course.

11.  Slideshare

Being an entrepreneur, I’ve to give a lot of presentations to different clients.

Some of them are online, some are offline but they are an important part of an entrepreneur’s life.

Because of this only Slideshare came into existence, it’s owned by LinkedIn.

With over 70 million active monthly users, SlideShare allows you to share your presentations on a public forum.

So, how can you use SlideShare to sell your elearning course?

Slideshare allows you to share pictures, infographics, documents in the form of a presentation. You can easily create a presentation around your course topic & upload it to SlideShare.

And provide a link or promo or invitation to join your online course.

It can get you a lot of traffic but remember SlideShare mostly prefers documents in the pdf format.

12. Get reviewed

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to buy a particular product but ended up buying something else just because everyone else was buying it?

If your answer is yes, then don’t feel sad. You’re not the only one, it has happened to most of us.

But why does it happen?

See, when people see others buying a particular thing, they feel that the product must be good that’s why everyone is buying it & they jump on it.

This is called ‘social proof’.

Now, let’s see how you can use this thing to sell your online course.

First of all, find out experts in your niche. They can be influencers, podcasters, bloggers with a huge fan following.

Reach out to them on social media & offer a free access to your course.

And request them to go through it & leave a review.

The review can be in the form of an article on their site, a podcast or a social media post.

Under all circumstances, it works really well. Once their review gets online, you can expect to see huge traffic coming your way.

And a lot of people will end up buying your course.

13. Bundle courses & cross promotion

In your early days, you might struggle with making a single sale but as you grow you’ll make more & more sales.

And you’ll create many new courses as well.

As you create more new courses, you can look to create a bundle of courses & sell them at a discount price.

For example, you can sell 1,000 $courses in just 850$. This trick is proven to bring great sales.

And if you don’t want to bundle your course, you can go ahead to cross-promote your courses with each other.

So that your existing students can see your other courses as well.

Now that you know all these pro techniques, you will feel more confident about the launch of your elearning course.

Attention modern-day pirates, you have crossed all the big waves & difficulties in your journey to the lost island of treasure.

Now there is just one last thing to seal the deal & you’ll be the king of the world.

But it’s my duty to warn you that this one is highly risky. If you pull this one out, your sales will break all the charts.

Always remember,

Larger the risk, larger the reward.

Now you must be saying,”Mohammad, come to the point”.

Okay, the strategies I am talking about are the paid ones, where you have to spend money to sell your elearning course.

So, let’s quickly go through them.

Paid strategies to sell your online course

1.  Buy Shoutouts on social media:

Buying shoutouts is the easiest way to get noticed quickly especially in a competitive market.

Just find a suitable influencer in your niche who offers paid shoutouts services & seal a deal with him.

You can select a particular time, date & month for your paid shoutout.

Now, there are various kinds of shoutouts on social media. Let’s have a quick look at them.

1. Instagram:

Instagram is a platform with the highest engagement rate. There are various influencers on Instagram with millions of followers.

However, Instagram doesn’t have the option to leave a link back to your site.

Here you’ve to do two things:-

  • Provide your desired photo & in description ask the people to click the link the bio.
  • Secondly, ask the influencer to replace his bio link with yours for 24 hours.
  • Or just write down your full promo in the descriptions itself.
Instagram shoutouts demo to sell your online course

Source: Sproutsocial.com

Instagram is a visual platform, that’s why most people just see the photo & don’t bother to read the description.

That’s why you might want to share a picture which asks your audience to follow you without reading the description.

Now, you must be saying that “Mohammad it seems like a lot of work”.

Yeah, it is.

But here comes the twist.

See, if you’re not sure how to start with searching & all. Then you can go to some shoutout sites which are made for busy entrepreneurs like you.

These sites have different influencers who have millions of loyal followers & they are specialized in creating a great buzz for any brand.

Here are some site where you can buy Instagram shoutouts:-

  1. Shoutcart:  Shoutcart guarantees 100% satisfaction. One of its special features is that your money stays in safe custody with the site unless the influencer posts your content. Now, that’s some service.
  2. Buysellshoutouts:- Buysellshoutouts is another service which offers great service in this field with a lot of big names onboard.
  3. Fiverr:- Fiverr is not a new name for finding gigs. You can easily find a brand influencer for your online course without much of a trouble. (Caution:- Fiverr is an open marketplace, it’s better to do your homework about the influencer you choose & make your requirements very clear to them).

B. Twitter & FB

Twitter & FB are two of the top guns in the social media world, they offer great services & are highly recommended for paid shoutouts.

It involves the same process, just find out a top-notch expert whose audience matches your desired requirements & who offers paid shoutouts.

On Twitter, you can buy paid tweets & your influencer will tweet out your crafted tweet on a desired date & time.

Similarly, you can buy an FB post from an influencer to promote your online course.

Whichever platform you choose, always remember that your tweet should have a clear & actionable message.

Then only your tweets or posts will have maximum impact.

2. Promotional ad campaigns

This is the traditional marketing campaign where you create ads to promote your product & services.

Here you need to do some research about which network you choose for your promotional campaigns. Each platform has its own pros & cons.

‘Google AdWords’ & ‘FB ads’ are the 2 most popular channels for getting maximum exposure.

  • Google Adwords: – Google is the number one source for searching anything with almost 70% market share. You can easily join Google AdWords to sell your online course. It has somewhere around 33% CTR.
  • FB Ads:- FB ads are up close & personal. They allow you to select your audience based on different factors like demographics,  interests, job, income & various factors. Plus, FB ads have a CTR of 90%+. Not bad.

However, you can also look to go with YouTube ads, after all, YouTube is the number 1 video platform on the web.YouTube ads are short videos which are shown to its audience while streaming the platform.

Creating videos is a bit heavy & time-consuming work. If you don’t have that much of time, you can go for banner ads.

Banner ads are one of the oldest & most trusted methods of marketing, they are fast & easy to use. Banner ads have one big advantage that it’s heavily consumed by affiliates to promote your brand.

They can easily copy your banner code & paste it into their blog or social platform & more traffic for your elearning course.

For example, have a look at this banner ad from designcontest.com

banner ads to sell your online course

3. Meetups

Meetups are a great way to promote your course. Create a local meetup group where you discuss & share valuable stuff with each other.

Yeah, you’ve to do some follow up & create a meetup group in your niche or industry but the results are worth it.

I personally recommend weekly meetings with the group & you can pitch your course here.

These groups usually have high conversion rates.

4. Speaking events

Speaking events are a great way to get in front of a whole new crowd & spread your word.

These are usually a great way to make people talk about you & your brand. The more you do it, the better.

For doing this, find out your niche events happening near you & apply to speak at those events.

Such events are usually focused on a particular topic, so you have to provide value first.

But you can pitch your course at the end of your speech without being too pushy.

This method is so powerful that Sujan Patel made a whopping 50K dollars just by selling his ebook “100 days of growth” at speaking events.

What Next?

When I created my book “Twisted marketing” for the first time, I was also nervous just like everybody else.

I did a lot of hard work to bring this magical baby in front of everyone.

As soon as the content creation & everything finished, another major problem was staring at me.

Now, it was all about selling the book & make money online

And believe me, my work & effort was about to get doubled. It was the most crunch time of the whole journey.

But my experience in creating courses helped me a lot. I guess that’s the reason, this book is selling like a hot cake.

That’s why I’ve decided to help entrepreneurs in making their online courses & made this super thorough guide on how to create an online course.

Many new entrepreneurs are getting benefited with this guide, some of them are making real serious money with these strategies.

Check it out, how it works for you & leave me some feedback.

And if you already have a course but not sure how to bring traffic to your course and sell it, then you must have this “Traffic secrets book” by Russell Brunsons, it’s free of cost. Highly recommended.

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  1. Gaurav says:


    I read your tweet about blog and I thought I’d checkout your website. Well done Mohammad.

    Please share your views.

    • Mohammad Khan says:

      Thanks for reaching out Gaurav, your site is looking great specially for digital nomads…you should definitely join the the fb group ‘digital marketing secrets’, it’s a great place to hang out with like minded people(digital nomads).

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