How to make money online? (75+ ways with step by step Guides)

How to make money online? (75+ ways with step by step Guides)

Adam was surfing with his 5 friends on fast moving waves of the ocean when he suddenly lost his balance & fell from the surf board, then he decided to swim back to the beach, after getting freshen up he opened his laptop to check his emails, where he noticed a message from his boss.make money online, how to make money online fast

And inside that mail was a bad news waiting for him as he just lost his job in seasonal recession.

In that one moment, all the fun & thrill turned into a painful ugly experience. Suddenly he got worried about how he’s going to pay his daily expense bills, how he’ll pay for his children’s college fee, how he’ll manage his housing loan & other regular payments.

Being a professional surfer, he understood that just like you can’t stay on top of surf board forever, waves will through you off from the board one way or another, similarly life can throw you out of your earnings surf board & put you in the sea of unemployment & poverty. how to make money online step by step

 So, Adam took few days to come out from this job firing thing and soon he realized that if he had a second stream of income, then this incident won’t have hurt him that much.

A second stream of income is a life saver

And this rule applies to everyone.

Are you a good fit for this second source of income? Work online & earn online

Not only professionals but working moms, entrepreneurs or even businessmen should also have a second source of income, so that they can handle emergency situations easily like the one happened with Adam.

Now, you must be thinking that this is not a bad idea after all but where should I start & what are the different options available as a good second stream of income?

See, you can do anything as per your knowledge but what ever you do, it’ll take time to be successful in it.

But remember, if you spend too much time on switching from one job to another then you won’t be able to spend time with your family & friends and that’s a major drawback.

And that’s why, i highly recommend to work online or doing online business because if you make money online then you save lots of time from travelling or other non productive activities.

Now without further ado, let’s see some of the major benefits of working online & why you should be doing it.

Why make money online?(Major benefits)

Online work provides you some major benefits, which you can’t get from regular jobs at all. Here is a list of major benefits of earning online:-

  • No Interview, No Experience.
  • Flexible timing.(work at your own schedule)
  • Control Expenses. (I.e travelling, house rent).
  • Large number of options available.
  • No Dress Code.
  • Be your own boss.
  • You decide your salary.
  • Work Globally.
  • Long-term Income.
  • You get to spend time with family & friends.
  • You can pursue your favorite hobby.
  • Get time to work on yourself (fitness).
  • Work on personality development.

I guess these reasons are more than enough to make you think about working online & make money online but before we move ahead let me introduce you to Derrick, who already did it.

He’s a college student who started selling T- shirt online & went on to make $100,000 in just 6 months…that’s right 6 months.

Check out how Derrick did it in 6 months:- 

This is nothing, there are thousands of success stories of normal people like you & me, who decided to make money online and set up excellent examples for everyone who wants to do the same.

Jeff rose was selling burgers in McDonald until one day he read Robert kiyosaki’s book “RIch dad, poor dad” & he decided to work online & today he has 7 source of income from his online work, from which he earns thousands of dollars every single month in his bank account.

How Jeff decided to start working online & turned into a Richie rich:-



Amazing, isn’t it……..!

Now, it’s quite clear that it’s quite easy to make money online, all you’ve to do is find the right option to work online. There are lots of options which you can use to make money online but you’ve to select the right option for yourself or you’ll get overwhelmed & waste lots of time & money.

See, there are lots of options available to make money online & all of them have proven to bring great results for many successful people like myself.

And most importantly, how do you know, which one of these works is right for you?

Suppose you go to a merchandise store & there are lots of dresses available but you know which one is right for you, which one will look right with your style. Similarly, you can select from different options based on what your passion is, what you know already & what you can do easily.

Transforming your passion into work is a lethal weapon

Now let’s have a look at different option available to make money online

Different ways to Earn money online

  1. Make money online by making online courses (Easiest way)
  2. Use facebook for business to earn money online (Fastest way & highly recommended)
  3. Make money with blogging
  4. Become a freelancer
  5. Make money with social media marketing
  6. Become a virtual assistant.
  7. Do affiliate marketing.
  8. Sell online T-shirts.
  9. Start dropshipping.
  10. Become a digital marketer.
  11. Start online business/startup
  12. Create & sell software online
  13. Start your own podcast
  14. Get paid for searching the web
  15. Online market trading
  16. Start your own website
  17. Sell niche based products
  18. Make money as a graphic designer online
  19. Become email marketing expert
  20. Sell craft products on Etsy store
  21. Become influencer on Instagram
  22. Make money from Instagram
  23. Write and publish a Kindle eBook’
  24. Make money with guest posting
  25. Answer professional questions online
  26. Get paid to write on medium
  27. Become an online video editor
  28. Maintain Facebook fan page
  29. Start a private label business on Amazon
  30. Become YouTuber & monetize your videos.
  31. Become a voice over artist
  32. Rent your house online on Airbnb
  33. Teach languages online

One simple hack to make thousands of dollars online on a regular basis, (Share & download):-

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How to make money online fast (on temporary basis or part time)

  1. ‘Get Paid To’ sites
  2. Become a ‘Clickworker’
  3. Gigs on Fiverr
  4. Review music for money
  5. Sell your notes online
  6. Buy and sell domain names
  7. Sell all your old CDs, games and movies.
  8. earn money by selling your photos
  9. Review websites & apps for cash
  10. Sell stuff on eBay.(Be a mini Gary Vaynerchuk)
  11. Network marketing
  12. Cryptocurrency investment.
  13. Make Money with Online Surveys
  14. Earn money online from PTC sites
  15. Become a Captcha Solver
  16. Writing Job
  17. Online proofreader
  18. Become transcriptionist
  19. Translate content & make money
  20. Micro-working
  21. Website flipping
  22. Online consultancy
  23. Provide online training as a coach
  24. Work remotely for big companies
  25. Test websites from home
  26. Make money by narrating audiobooks
  27. Clear search engines
  28. Join online contests
  29. Get paid for being healthy
  30. Online data entry jobs
  31. Sell your teaching plans
  32. Make money with your used tech gadgets
  33. Sell old books online
  34. Rent your car
  35. Read the news to make money
  36. Become data analyst/scientist
  37. Create & sell music
  38. Outsource work online
  39. Become an online customer provider
  40. Be a notary provider
  41. Host corporate workshops
  42. Rent your camera

You can look to select any one of these strategies as per your choice & personality and most of them are quite easy to do with little to no initial expense. Let’s see what do you need to start working online today.

My favorite recipe to make a recurring income online month after month (Share & download)

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Things needed to make money online

i.) A personal computer or laptop

ii.) High-Speed Internet connection

iii.) Email Account (It’s advisable to use Gmail)

iv.) Bank Account

v.) Online Payment Account (PayPal or Payza).


What’s Next?

When I started my journey in the online world I’ve no clue where to start from or what to do but i kept on gong and wrote more than 13 ebooks on digital marketing, created various successful online courses on facebook ads & digital marketing & created one of the  best ebooks of all time on digital marketing called “Twisted marketing”

And today I rank as world’s top 100 digital marketing expert.

Do you know why it all happen?

It’s because I’ve passion & dedication for the topic & I love what i do. A great example of this is my bestseller ebook “Twisted Marketing”.

So if you also want to start your journey in the online world & want to make a name for yourself by earning online then go through the online works mentioned above, select the right one for you & start it today.

Go ahead, the ball is in your court now…

Hurry up, you can start with the easiest one right now…(Easiest way) Make money online by making online courses




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