55+ Facebook page growth hacks

55+ Facebook page growth hacks

55+ Facebook page growth hacks

Facebook page plays a crucial role in using Facebook for business, not only they bring traffic but also a lot of leads for your business & that too free of cost.

But most businesses struggle to get results with Facebook pages.

They just keep on posting content but hardly get any likes, comments or shares.

Sometimes they post random quotes in between or funny videos, but they hardly seem to get any traction.

How do i know all this?

Because i’ve done all this & saw a big zero in results.

I know how it feels like, when you do all the hard work & still don’t get any results…it’s really frustrating.

But now i’ve overcome it and doing really great.

And that’s why I’m sharing this post with you, so that you don’t make those mistakes which i did.

So, here comes a point to remember.

Smart people learn from others mistakes as well.

The lesser you’ll make, the faster will be your growth.

Long time back, when i first started my Facebook page, the very first thing i did was that I created big fancy pictures of my products & posted it all over my facebook page & shared it with my friends as well, so that, they will click on it & buy it.

And i went to sleep.

The next day, i woke up in excitement to see some sales but all i was able to make was a big zero.

Then suddenly one of my good friends (almost of my grandma age) reached out to me in messenger, she is an experienced veteran in Facebook marketing.

She told me upfront, Mohammad i’m doing Facebook marketing from 20 yrs & believe me when i say this nobody like to see your product on their timeline.

I asked why?

She said, its because people don’t come on Facebook to buy things, they come here to have fun & meet their friends.

That was a good lesson for me.

So. before we move ahead to see how to grow your Facebook page.

Let us see, what not to do with your Facebook Page.

Do’s & Dont’s of Facebook Page

One more thing here, please never ever ask your audience to like, share or comment on your post. Facebook calls it click bait & it doesn’t give any reach to such posts.

So, these points play a crucial role in success or failure of any facebook page, furthermore they save your business from unnecessary interruptions.

They’ll save your business from troubles.

But sometimes even after taking lots of precautions, one small mistake can block your page from posting or following people or showing ads.

And you won’t even know what went wrong.

It happened to me a bazillion times, when i was doing something without knowing that i shouldn’t be doing it on Facebook.

And bam, I got blocked.

So let’s us see what are the common mistakes to avoid while doing Facebook marketing with your page.

Top Mistakes with Facebook business page

Here i would like to add some more important points which you should remember:-

  1. Stay away from posting content too frequently, it will not get you enough traffic & will get your engagement rate down. It happens because people get annoyed from too much content of yours.
  2. Never use the sharing button too quickly, it comes out as spam & Facebook will stop you or block you from using that particular feature if you do it a lot.
  3. Don’t buy likes from Fiverr, Facebook algorithm is smart enough to identify it & you won’t get any engagement after buying the likes…simply waste of time & money.
  4. Please don’t go to other groups or pages and spam them with your sales offer, you’ll be kicked out of the group.

Lucky you that i’m here to tell you all this….i wasn’t so lucky.

Now these will certainly help you to avoid any kind of mistakes while growing your business page but that isn’t enough. That’s just the beginning, here comes the real juicy stuff.

In order to grow your business page, the very first thing which comes to your mind is.

Take a guess, what is it???

Is it your product, is it your website, is it your company.

Nope, nothing from this list.

The #1 & most important thing to remember while starting your page is your customer


All you’ve to remember is your customers. After all, they are the ones who are going to consume your content & buy your product.

So, you should do thorough research about your target audience.

Let’s see what should you know about your audience before creating your page.

What to know about your target audience?

  1. Who is your ideal customer?
  2. Where they come from?
  3. What are their beliefs & thoughts?
  4. Which age group they belong to?
  5. Different interests of your audience?
  6. Who they are following?
  7. What products they are using?.

At this point, you might be thinking Mohammad, please tell me “how to find all this stuff about my audience?”

Yeah, i’m coming to that.

So, you can easily find all this by visiting your audience insight section in your settings & find all the details about your audience.

facebook insights


Here you’ll get all the details of the above mentioned questions & you can look forward to create content, which attracts your audience.

And if you don’t have audience yet, you can also find out about your target audience by searching specific details of people, who are liking pages similar to yours.

Now you might be worrying about your content.

Don’t worry at all. remember

if the content is relevant, audience will like it.

According to a report published by hootsuite, People daily spend almost 1 hour on facebook searching for interesting and amazing content like yours.

So, if you’re posting content related to young moms hobbies, then chances are that young moms will read it 100%.

But here is a twist.

See, On facebook creating great content doesn’t guarantee that all your audience is going to see it.

Why is it so?

Its because there are lots of people who are trying to manipulate Facebook algorithm, that’s why they have made some strict rules for posts on Facebook.

These rules ensure that only quality content reaches to the users & nobody gets spammed.

So, let’s see what can be done to get max reach with Facebook pages.

See, there are two ways to grow your page

  1. Organically without spending money
  2. Using money with paid ads.

So, lets see them one by one.

How to get max reach with Facebook page posts organically?

Remember that

Its easy to create an audience but its hard to keep them hanging & keep them coming back.

That’s why, you should follow these tactics while creating posts for your page, it helps to increase the engagement level of your audience and increase your audience response.

  1. Use How to posts
  2. Tutorials
  3. Interviews
  4. Q & A
  5. Niche related stats
  7. Opinion Polls
  8. Surveys
  9. Cheat sheets
  10. News
  11. Round ups
  12. Lists

These strategies are proven to keep audience engaged with any Facebook page.

But here is another twist.

Accroding to a report by expanded ramblings, only 2% of your audience engage with your posts.

So, its really important that you also focus on getting some paid traffic regularly. Here is how you can do it.

How to grow your facebook page with boost posts?

That was a nice one right but i’ve seen that in every class there are some students who just never get satisfied & they keep on asking for more.

So, if you want some more growth hacks.

Here are some more hacks to grow your Facebook page quickly via Neil patel’s 20 secrets on Facebook growth

  1. Go to settings of your page.
  2. In the general settings > Go to audience optimisation for posts
Facebook page growth hacks


3. After saving this option, you’ll get to select search interest options.

facebook page growth hacks


Here you’ve to select your audience interests like what other pages are they interested in.

And then save it.

Once it’s done, your page will get much better response from your audience & you’ll see better engagement on your page.

Before we move ahead, don’t forget to get this free guide for facebook ads & marketing.

Facebook ads hidden secrets, which no PRO will tell you (Share to unlock)

Share to unlock the Free guideimage/svg+xml
Once you share this post on Facebook, this guide will be unlocked & you can download it

So, are we done yet.

Of course not.

Lets have a look at some bullet speed hacks to grow your page in minutes recommended by Andrea Vahl’s Facebook growth hacks

How to get 1000+ followers instantly after creating your Facebook page?

  1. Invite your friends to like your page & get instant traction
Invite your warm market to like your page - facebook page growth hacks


2. Share your page on your personal profile.

3. Invite your email list users to like & share your page on Facebook. And don’t forget to add your Facebook page address in your email signature.

Just like this one.

Add Facebook Page to email signature - 55+ facebook page growth hacks


4. Cross pormote your page content on other social media channels.

5. And finally join other niche groups & pages as your page & engage with their audience.

If you do this much, you don’t have to worry at all about anything at all.

Your audience is going to love your for sure & you’ll see great results with your Facebook page.

And if you don’t believe me, check out how this girl started selling flowers on Facebook & changed the life of her family forever.

If she can do it, you can do it too.

What’s Next?

Whenever i create a new Facebook ad or Facebook post, i always take some time to think it.

And it gives me great results compare to random posting.

You know why?

It’s because of planning. Yes planning right content not only helps your page but also helps your audience to connect with you.

Plannin your content always pays off.

My ebook “Twisted marketing” is a great example of it.

Furhtermore, if you’re want to learn advanced Facebook ads & marketing hacks, do check my “bestseller course on Facebook ads & marketing”.

And If you want to learn how to use your facebook page to get more clients for your business or how to sell products with your facebook page.

Check it out here.







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