My Story

Hi, this is Mohammad from UP, India. Long time back, I started my journey as a digital marketer with a motto to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. But initially, I knew nothing, whenever I start to get going, I get stuck in some problem. It wasn’t easy at all.

I faced a lots of problems, sometimes it was an SEO issue, while other times I had to deal with video problems & sometimes even a small bug on my site ruined my work for weeks.

But It was my passion for marketing that’s why I never gave up, I hustled day & night, solved every problem one by one & finally came out on top, then It was never looking back & i got the chance to work with many big brands.

I kept going until I finally realized that I should share my knowledge with upcoming marketers & startups.

Then I started to work 24*7 more than 12 hours a day, started digging deeper into the roots of digital marketing & SEO. Soon I started to gain knowledge & command over the subject and finally I started bloogle01.com to educate people.

However I love to work & have a tight schedule, even then I manage time for reading new concepts about marketing every day, that’s how I learned about do’s & don’ts of marketing & turned from good to better.

I’ve worked with many brands & most of them prefer to work with me for my innovative ideas & unorthodox methods to solve marketing puzzles. I also teach students about in-depth concepts of digital marketing like the lead magnet, sales funnels, SEO, customer acquisition, CRO & I share everything I know.

I have been there, I’ve been through it all & have read all the masters of the game like Neil Patel, Sujan Patel, Eric Worre, Pam Moore, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Dean, Jamie turner, Grant Cardone, Rusell Brunson & many more. And I still read them, I have created my own cost-effective ideas & tricks, which have a success rate of as high as 50-90%.

Recently I was also been awarded among the “Top 100 marketing expert for business intelligence” by Onalytica.

So far the response from clients around the world has been really overwhelming, they seem to be really happy to work with me as I saved them a lot of time & money.

Now it’s your turn…


Let’s have a friendly chat about your problems & see how can I help you…?