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Hi, this is Mohammad from UP, India. Long time back, I started my journey as a digital marketer with a motto to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. But initially, I knew nothing, whenever I start to get going, I get stuck in some kind of problem. It wasn’t easy at all.

I faced a lots of problems, sometimes it was an SEO issue, while other times I had to deal with video problems & sometimes even a small bug on my site ruined my work for weeks.

But It was my passion for marketing that kept me going, I hustled day & night, solved every problem one by one & finally came out on top, then It was never looking back & i got the chance to scale my business & connect with influencers in my field..

So, I kept going until I finally realized that I should share my knowledge with upcoming marketers & startups.

Then I started to work 24*7 more than 12 hours a day, started digging deeper into the roots of digital marketing & SEO. Soon I started to gain knowledge & command over the subject and finally I started bloogle01.com to educate people.

However I have a tight schedule, even then I manage time for reading new concepts about marketing every day, that’s how I learned about do’s & don’ts of marketing & turned from good to better.

I took tons of premium courses from the best marketers in the world on FB ads,  ecomm & digital marketing.

I’ve ran FB ads in various niches with some unique ideas & angles to solve marketing puzzles. I also teach students about in-depth concepts of digital marketing like the Facebook ads, lead magnet, sales funnels, SEO, customer acquisition, CRO & I share everything I know.

I have been there, I’ve been through it all & have read all the masters of the game like Neil Patel, Sujan Patel, Eric Worre, Pam Moore, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Dean, Jamie turner, Grant Cardone, Rusell Brunson & many more. And I still read them, I have created my own cost-effective ideas & tricks, which have a success rate of as high as 50-90%.

Recently I was also been awarded among the “Top 100 marketing expert for business intelligence” by Onalytica.

Mohammad khan - top 100 ranked digital marketing expert

NodeXL also put me in their list of “Top marketers of world using most advanced marketing tools”

Marketer using most advanced tools - mohammad khan, bloogle01

Recently, A well known Marketing agency MartechConf also ranked me among the TOP 10 Influencers in 2019 which they mentioned at day 1 of Martech east conference, boston.

Mohammad khan, bloogle01, top 10 influencer in marketing

And talking about SEO, well “1/2 of the blog posts on this very site are ranking on google’s first, second & third pages”


Rank #! on google - Mohammad khan, bloogle01

Rank on google - Mohammad khan, bloogle01

Rank on google - Mohammad khan


My infographics are ranking #1 on pinterest search & my pins are going really viral on pinterest. Checkout my pinterest profile & follow me here.

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